Cases of the Year Submissions

Case submission for SPD's 2015 Pre-AAD Meeting is now open. The deadline for submitting a case is January 24, 2015. Authors will be contacted via email by February 19, 2015 if their case is chosen. Please contact if you have any questions.

The Pre-AAD "Cases of the Year" category includes cases with a known diagnosis, diseases that have proved difficult to diagnose, or cases presenting management challenges. These cases should have attendant teaching value. You will have 4 minutes to present your case with a 2 minute discussion after the case presentation.

Instructions for submissions:

When submitting photos with your case, please submit jpeg files with file sizes under 2MB. SPD will publish abstracts selected for presentation in meeting material and will use text as submitted. Please ensure that your text is correct when submitted. SPD is unable to make corrections. Please gather all materials before continuing.

Sample Case: MRSA Necrotizing Fasciitis in a Neonate (ppt)

Robert Hayman, MD, Moderator, SUNY – Stony Brook

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