Cases of the Year Submissions

Call for Cases | SPD's 28th Annual Pre-AAD Meeting
March 3, 2016, Washington, DC

The dealine for Pre-AAD Case Submission has passed. Submitters will be notified in early February.

Cases of the Year includes cases with a known diagnosis, diseases that were difficult to diagnose, or cases presenting management challenges. These cases should have attendant teaching value. Case presentations are four minutes, with an additional two-minute question & answer period. Ten cases will be selected for the Pre-AAD Meeting.

Important Submission Information

  • All cases must be submitted online via the case submission form.
  • Case summaries can be up to 2,700 characters, including spaces.
  • Case submissions must be accompanied by photos. Please submit .jpg files less than 2MB.
  • SPD will publish abstracts selected for presentation in meeting materials and will use text as submitted. Please ensure that your text is correct when submitted, as SPD is unable to make corrections.

Attention Fellows, Residents, and Medical Students - Travel Award Available
Travel awards are available on a competitive basis to fellows, residents, and medical students who are SPD members and present Cases of the Year at the Pre-AAD Meeting. This is an effort to encourage participation among trainees interested in pediatric dermatology and helps provide recognition for exceptional work as well as financial assistance to attend the meeting. One $1,000 award is available for the 2016 Pre-AAD Meeting in Washington, DC. Check the appropriate box on the case submission form to apply. SPD’s Awards & Goals Committee will evaluate the quality of the case, focusing on whether it presents new information, is relevant to care of children with skin diseases, quality of data, and approved consent process.