Mentorship & Meeting Travel Awards

Medical Student Mentorship Award

The SPD offers a Medical Student Mentorship Award to facilitate earlier career exposure to pediatric dermatology. Please use the Mentorship Award application to submit your project for consideration and check "Medical Student" in the appropriate box on the application form. Awards normally range from $1,000 - $2,000 and the maximum individual grant amount is $4,000. Application deadline is May 1.

Travel Award for Medical Students to Attend Annual Meeting

The SPD provides 3 travel awards each year on a competitive basis to fellows, residents, and medical students who are SPD members and present Cases of the Year or posters at the SPD Annual Meeting. This is an effort to encourage participation among trainees interested in pediatric dermatology and helps provide recognition for exceptional work as well as financial assistance to attend the meeting. Each award is $1,000. Apply for awards at the time of case/poster submission by checking the appropriate box on the form. One of these 3 awards is available just for medical students. For more information, please visit SPD's Annual Meeting page and click "Travel Awards".