Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship Matching Program

The SPD offers a formal pediatric dermatology match program to coordinate the processing, distribution, and review of applicants for post-graduate pediatric dermatology training programs. Please note, the specialty of Pediatric Dermatology has been ACGME approved and accreditation of programs started in 2021. The SPD matching program is open to U.S. and Canadian based residents/fellows who are dermatology board certified or board-eligible, and will be open April 1 – November 7, 2024 for fellowship positions that will begin in July 2025.

Announcement from the SPD Fellowship Directors regarding the 2024 interview season

  • The Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship Match can be found at The website includes match rules, explanation of the process, answers to FAQs, and allows fellowship candidates to “register” for the match.
  • For residents, there is a $75 fee for individual candidates who wish to participate in the official match process. This can be paid online at or via check. Once this fee is paid, candidates will have access to the directory of participating programs, the match ranking forms, and additional directions.
  • The rank list submission deadline for fellowship positions to begin in August 2025 will be Thursday, November 7, 2024. Official match results will be provided on Thursday, November 14, 2024.
  • Please note that both the resident match applicant and fellowship director has to verify that they must not accept/offer a position outside the match for the program to work successfully.
  • International (non-Canadian) fellow candidates are asked to contact fellowship program directors individually to inquire about available positions.

For additional information please contact Kent Lindeman, SPD’s Executive Director, via email at or phone at (317) 202-0224 or Dennis S. Thomatos, Manager, San Francisco Match Program at