Resources to Use With Patients

Discounted or Free Internet Access Options:
For patients with a parent who is a veteran and eligible for Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits, visit

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) runs a program, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), that reduces the cost of getting online for people with household income is 200% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines or someone in the household participates in certain government assistance programs. Check the ACP website for eligibility. People can apply online with the FCC, directly contacting their current internet service provider, or by mail or call 1-877-384-2575 to find out how to apply.

See a list of internet companies offering service for $30.

Telehealth Education

Education/Outreach for Residents:

AMA Telehealth Clinical Education Playbook
A new educator-directed guide focused on embedding educational interactions within a telehealth patient encounters.

Telemedicine in Pediatric Training (Great for Pediatrics Residents!)
The curriculum is a free, web-based, self-paced curriculum geared toward the pediatric resident and fellow level trainee, though it could be useful for faculty and advanced practice providers. It takes ~3 hours to complete and consists of an introductory module and nine learning modules that include: scope of practice, exam techniques, documentation, billing, and coding, technology and security, special populations, professional presence, access to care, team-based care, and safety considerations.

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Go to the Canvas Course Link

Medical Student Oriented Resources:

The AAD has a program called Good Skin Knowledge, which is aimed at providing basic skin knowledge for kids. This year's theme is virtual outreach to underserved communities teaching any or all of 4 x 1-hour long skin lessons on acne, skin structure and function, sun protection, and plants and bugs. If you would like to volunteer as a medical student mentor or your students are interested, please contact Sue Boiko at or Katherine van den Bogert at

Program will be revised in 2022 with more emphasis on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Check Out the Good Skin Lesson Plans and Activities

Resources to Use With Trainees and/or Staff:

General Telehealth Resources

Center for Connected Health Policy - FREE
The National Telehealth Policy Resource Center, federally funded, with state-by-state updated information on telehealth policy in your state, federal information. This site is policy and funding focused, and not specific to dermatology or pediatrics.

Telehealth: The Learning Series
Watch short videos that delve into basics, and then more detail of telehealth policy including prescribing, licensing and Medicaid reimbursement.

American Telemedicine Association
A membership based non-profit for advancing industry adoption of telehealth and virtual care, promoting responsible policy, advocating for government and market normalization, and providing education and resources to help integrate virtual care into emerging value-based delivery models. This site is more industry based, and addresses policy and reimbursement. This is geared for all telehealth, not dermatology or pediatric specific.

American Academy of Dermatology Teledermatology Toolkit - Included With AAD Membership
The AAD has developed a full teledermatology toolkit that includes how to get started, implementation, vendors, reimbursement and coding, and compliance. AAD membership-required access to the toolkit, which is dermatology specific.

American Academy of Pediatrics - Telehealth-Specific Resources Included With AAP Membership
The AAP has a mixture of free and membership-based telehealth resources for patients with handouts, great educational videos, plus resources for practices on overcoming barriers and then optimizing telehealth across communities. This resource is pediatric focused, not dermatology specific.

Teleheath Research Resources & Funding Opportunities

Interested in studying teledermatology, but not sure where to start? This report could give you ideas. From the CCHP: Released in November 2021, the Final Report, Rural Telehealth and Healthcare System Readiness Measurement Framework, recommends primary areas for measurement, such as access and equity, existing measurements that can also be applied, as well as concepts to continue developing and prioritizing moving forward.

SPROUT (Supporting Pediatric Research on Outcomes and Utilization of Telehealth)

Looking for collaborators in an already robust network? SPROUT is pediatric telehealth research network under the Section on Telehealth Care of the AAP.

SEARCH Society. The Society for Education and the Advancement of Research in Connected Health (SEARCH) started in 2016 as a small team of academics, researchers and clinical professionals. SEARCH has developed into a society with a goal to promote connected health programs through the use of evidenced-based research.

PEDRA (Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance)

Teledermatology Solutions:
Tried and Failed - Lessons Learned

Coming soon!

Telehealth Advocacy

More information will be posted shortly.

Selected Publications of Interest

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SPD's Teledermatology Committee currently meets every other month via Zoom on odd numbered months. Please reach out to the Teledermatology Committee Chair, Sarah Asch, if you would like to join us or have an interest/concern/fun new idea to share!