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Residents & Fellows: All applicants must supply a verification letter from their Program Chair confirming their current status in a training program. This also applies to medical students applying for SPD membership at the Resident/Fellow level.

To expedite the application process, we suggest that Resident & Fellow applicants select the “Check here to request a verification letter by email” box to the right.

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Practicing Physicians in developing countries must have written committee approval.

The membership fee covers an initiation fee of $100.00, the first year's dues of $70.00, and the rest is the yearly subscription rate for Pediatric Dermatology, SPD’s Journal. For physicians outside the U.S., the increased fee is to cover the cost of additional postage.

Research Surveys

SPD supports the collection of adequate data from members to help facilitate important research in pediatric dermatology. To assist that objective, the SPD circulates electronic surveys from time to time as a form of research collaboration. These surveys are reviewed and approved by the SPD’s Research Committee prior to distribution. All members receive these electronic surveys by default, however if you would like to opt out, please select “No” in the drop down menu below.

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If you are a resident/fellow/medical student and wish to receive a print copy of the journal mailed to you, there is an additional $95 fee. Please select “Print & Online Access” from the drop down menu below if you would like this option. Online only access is provided at no additional cost with your free membership.

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