Research Survey Guidelines

The SPD supports the collection of adequate data from members to help facilitate important research in pediatric dermatology. To assist that objective, the SPD circulates electronic surveys from time to time as a form of research collaboration.

For the past few years, these surveys were posted through the SPD Forum, however the response rate was found to be low. As a result, the SPD Executive Committee has approved new Research Survey Guidelines that provide a mechanism for approved research surveys to be emailed directly to SPD members.

If you do not wish to receive SPD-approved research surveys, email You are able to change your survey preference at any time. Opting out of receiving SPD-approved research surveys will not prevent you from receiving other emails from the SPD.


  1. Members will receive an annual email from the SPD with a link to “OPT OUT” if they are not interested in receiving and participating in SPD/PeDRA approved research surveys. Otherwise, agreeable SPD members will be tracked in the database and sent SPD/PeDRA approved surveys.
  2. Each time a survey is distributed, the email will contain a prompt for members to log into to their member record online and opt out.
  3. Survey distribution requests will be limited to SPD members and PeDRA-approved surveys. All surveys considered must have prior ethics committee/IRB approval.
  4. The SPD Research Committee will be responsible for evaluating and approving the research surveys prior to distribution. All PeDRA approved surveys will be automatically approved by the SPD Research Committee.
  5. Survey distribution requests will be submitted to the SPD via email to and the email must include the following information:
  • Title of survey
  • Short description of the purpose of the study and the research being conducted by the survey (1 paragraph – which will be included in the email that will be sent to members with the survey link)
  • Survey link/URL
  • Name/contact information
  • Attachment to include letter documenting IRB/ethics committee approval

A maximum of two (2) emails an inital email and one (1) follow up will be permitted for each survey. A follow up email will be sent ONLY if specifically requested by the member to SPD staff.

If you have any questions, please contact the SPD at or (317) 202-0224.