Pediatric Contact Dermatitis Registry

Dear SPD Member:

We recently launched a nationwide pediatric contact dermatitis registry survey. This endeavor received a SPD pilot project grant in 2014 and has been approved by the Loma Linda IRB.

We are writing to personally ask if you would please take our survey - join our registry. As each provider registers and logs a case, an indicator appears on the provider map. The goal is to identify as many providers and confirmed cases of pediatric ACD as possible and identify the gap areas for patch testing

Registration takes less than one minute to complete. Please find the link below.

Following registration, providers are then sent a unique login # and password and a link to the short case reporting forms (these are de-identified).

The purpose of our research is to:

Focus on identifying national trends in pediatric patch testing with overall goals of:
1) Locating providers who perform pediatric patch testing
2) Increasing the number of verified index cases
3) Using the case data to provide evidence for supporting the implementation of safety legislation (such as the nickel directive in Europe and the PPD ban in black henna tattoos in Canada)
4) Evaluating national health care access disparities

We greatly appreciate your time and consideration of our registry. Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions.

Sharon Jacob, MD
Associate Professor, Dermatology
Loma Linda University