SPD / PeDRA Award & Grant Support Guidelines

Application Procedure

  1. Please submit a completed online Research Grant Application following the application submission requirements for the Pilot Grant or Team Grant. This application, including instructions, can be found here. Once all required fields are completed, submit the application online and we will send an email confirming the submission to the Principal Investigator.
  2. All work must begin within six months of the funding of the grant. Only under special circumstances and with the approval of both the SPD Awards & Grants Committee and PeDRA Grants Committee can the work be delayed beyond this time period. Applications should detail the anticipated amount of time needed to complete the proposed work. Grant research should be completed within eighteen months of initial funding. Additional time requirements should be detailed and submitted in writing to grants@pedsderm.net.
  3. The full grant will be sent initially to the investigator. Please provide the payee name and other payment instructions in the space provided in the application form.
  4. The budget for the research protocol must be approved by the SPD Awards & Grants Committee and PeDRA Grants Committee. The committees may accept the entire budget or portions of the budget. Funds issued by the SPD and PeDRA for specific investigations cannot be used for other purposes. In the event that the initial proposal cannot be undertaken, all funds must be returned promptly to the SPD/PeDRA. Written updates detailing the progress of the research must be sent to grants@pedsderm.net. Failure to provide a written update at the one-year interval may result in no further funding of the research.
  5. Internal Review Board Approval. All research involving animals or human subjects must have institutional approval before being funded. A copy of the approval letter must be forwarded to grants@pedsderm.net. Proof of ongoing approval is necessary on a yearly basis. Because the approval process can take considerable time, to avoid delay in funding and initiation of work on the project, all applicants are strongly advised to begin the IRB approval process while awaiting the decision of the SPD Awards & Grants Committee and PeDRA Grants Committee on their proposal.
  6. Change of Address/Practice Type. If the funded investigator transfers locations or practice type (i.e., goes from a university to private practice, or the reverse), these changes must be sent in writing to grants@pedsderm.net. The SPD Awards & Grants Committee and PeDRA Grants Committee will determine if funding is to be ongoing after reviewing these changes. IRB approval must be maintained for the duration of the study if human subjects are involved.
  7. Travel. Research funds may not be used for investigator travel expenses to attend meetings or to present their work. Justification must be provided that the proposed travel is essential to the success of the project.
  8. Departmental Costs and Indirect Costs. Award funds are to be used only for the designated recipient and project for which the application was made, and cannot be used for indirect costs of the institution or departmental costs. Award funds may not be used for the salary of the Principal Investigator.
  9. Presentation at SPD Annual Meeting or PeDRA Annual Conference. Award and grant recipients are encouraged to present the research results at a future SPD Annual Meeting and/or PeDRA Annual Conference.
  10. Publications and Presentations. Publications and presentations related to the funded research should identify the support of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology (SPD) and the Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance (PeDRA). A copy of any such publication should be forwarded to grants@pedsderm.net.
  11. Multiple Submissions. A single proposal may be submitted for consideration in both grant categories (Pilot Grant and Team Grant). In addition, investigators may submit more than one proposal in a single category.
  12. Resubmission of Grant Proposal. The SPD and PeDRA will accept and consider submissions from the previous year (i.e. a grant proposal submitted and rejected in 2017 can be "honed" and improved and resubmitted in 2018).
  13. Applicant Eligibility. The Principal Investigator must have an MD and/or Ph.D. degree with a primary appointment in an accredited academic institution and/or works in a hospital affiliated with an academic institution.

Applications must be submitted by 5pm Eastern Time on May 1, 2018 (first cycle) or December 6, 2018 (second cycle).

Click here to access the application, including instructions.

Questions or concerns about grant applications can be directed to Katherine Mueller at grants@pedsderm.net or Joyce Teng, MD, PhD, PeDRA / SPD Grants Committee Chair at jteng3@stanford.edu.