Employment Opportunity

Pediatric Dermatologist

David Frankel, MD, FAAD

My practice is general dermatology in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. I do not see kids and indeed turn away many phone calls for pediatric care.

Park Slope is a beautiful neighborhood of brownstones with a young population and many, many children. The hospital across the street draws pediatric patients from the entire borough of Brooklyn and I expect you will be as busy as you want to be within a short period.

My own background is as an internist and dermatologist--although I limit my practice to dermatology--and the office is in a terrific building with views of the NYC skyline. Its a pleasant place to work and a great place to live.

Approximate starting date of employment: 07/01/2013

263 7th Ave, 5F
Brooklyn, NY 11215

David Frankel, MD


781 369 3579